Bringing the Ghosts of Sailors to Life

Strandingsmuseum St. George: New museum

AV & Interactive experience design and full production management

Complete AV production management and user experience design. Project was carried out in close collaboration with curators, exhibition designers, content producers and hardware suppliers

Interactive experience design and production management of:

  • 10×8 meter (three floors tall) dual 4k projection, covering combining filmed footage (above sea) with computer-animated footage (under water)
  • 10 meter wide interactive seabed with living creatures and built-in game
  • Interactive 3D-printed replica objects with touch-activated audio narratives
  • Dramatised 3D animation of the stranding of the English warship HMS St George
  • Large interactive table enabling the exploration of local shipwrecks
  • Reactive localised soundscapes, dramatised audio narratives and more…

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