iC3D stereographic viewer -new!

Our new stereographic viewer gives you a vivid 3D-depth experience. Contact us for a demo.

The device has been developed in partnership with Interactive Imagination Ltd.

Watch vivid live images in 3D stereo-view

  • True stereoscopic experience with great 3D-depth
  • Large screen experience
  • Robust waterproof design for indoor and outdoor permanent installations -easy to clean
  • Sleek and compact design that can be customised in any colour
  • Content can be updated remotely -easily serviceable
  • Solar-powered option available -no cables
  • A wide selection of modes -passive and interactive

Many use-case scenarios

  • Recreate historic places and scenarios in CGI, and watch them in stereo-3D
  • Watch museum collection objects in stereo-3D -ads enormous depths!
  • See historic photos in stereo-3D
  • Create 3D live videos
  • Make a 3D stereographic microscope, where prehistoric insects come alive
  • …and more

In partnership with

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