Technology solutions R&D

Examples of testing technology solutions

Constantly testing new technologies and solutions for present and future projects.

These are a mix of examples of lab tests or work in progress, and are not final polished products!

Custom technology

AR and VR experiments

Holographic Displays testing

Gesture control experiments

A new hand gesture control device was launched. Everybody was raving about it, but what did people do? They simulated screen gestures…why not just use a touchscreen? So, how could you use this device in a way that actually utilised the new technology? This is what we did 🙂

Interactive dashboard concept

Just before touchscreens became a thing in cars, concept, graphics and interface design for an interactive touchscreen dashboard concept for Volvo Cars, running as an iPad simulation.

Examples of other research projects

  • Complete concept development and interface design for iPad memory for patients with dementia (project is under NDA)
  • Patented BT (British Telecom) Flexible Media Toolkit. Production ‘authoring toolkit’ for creating interactive adaptable media productions (Co-inventor, toolkit designer). Patent numbers (incl.): G06F17/30, 361/CHENP/2005 A, EP1956501

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